Getting Started

Wondering how to go about registering your trade mark?

The following questions will help you decide if a trade mark is right for you, and what kind of information you ought to start considering.  Please click here to download a copy of our Trade Marks guide, if you have not already read it.

What are you looking to register as a trade mark?
It might be your name, your company's name or your biggest-selling brand.  It might be a recognisable slogan used in your advertising, or a logo on your product.

Are you already using your trade mark?
Do you display your trade mark on your product, in advertising or online? You might not have used your trade mark yet, or still be in the process of creating it.  Either way, you can get protection.

Who came up with this trade mark?
Think about who will be named as the trade mark owner.  Did you come up with the trade mark yourself, or have you had any help?   You can apply for a trade mark as an individual, or as a registered company.

What products or services do you sell, or plan to sell, under this trade mark?
A trade mark only gives protection for the products or services that it is registered for.   It does not have to be for an existing product; it can be for a new product.  You should also consider any plans for the future use of your trade mark e.g.  growth into new areas and/or jurisdictions.

Where do you sell your products or offer your services?
You need to register your trade mark in each jurisdiction you intend to use it.  You should also think about online sales, and any commercial agreements you may enter into (e.g. manufacture of your goods).

Do you know if anyone else uses a similar trade mark?
We can help you look for any existing trade marks that may represent obstacles to registration.

Ok, so how much does it cost?
Registering a trade mark in the UK is not as expensive as you might think, the exact cost being calculated based upon the breadth of product and service protection you require.  Registering a trade mark in Jersey is inexpensive, but you must have a pre-existing UK trade mark, upon which to base your Jersey application.

Ready to proceed? Still unsure? We offer a free initial consultation where we can explain the process, and cover any questions you may have, so contact us today!