Cayman Islands - New Patents and Trade Marks Law 2011

For many decades, we have been able to file patent and trade mark applications directly at the Cayman Islands Registry. However, with the introduction of a new Patents and Trade Marks Law 2011 which became effective on 7 December 2011, we regret to advise that this situation will change. One of the new provisions in the law is that proprietors of patents and trade marks will only be able to transact business with the Registry via a registered agent who must be resident in the Cayman Islands.

Originally, this provision was set to come into force with immediate effect, but after our urgent negotiations with the Registrar, we have been able to secure a transitional period which will expire on 31 March 2012, within which we can still act directly before the Registry. However, after that time, we will have to appoint a locally-resident registered agent. We are currently in the process of negotiating with, and appointing, an appropriate person through which we will conduct our business after that date, our focus being on ensuring maximum quality of service, with as minimum an increase in our charges as possible.

In the meantime, we would recommend to all clients that as much work as possible is sent to us before the end of February to be transacted by us directly before the Cayman Islands Registry, so as to keep your costs to a minimum. This includes new applications for patents and trade marks, as well as instructions for the payment of maintenance fees for both patents and trade marks, and of course any recordals of changes of title.

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3rd February 2012

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