COP26 was hard to miss.  There have been twenty-five UN climate change conferences that have preceded it, but this one felt a little different.  Perhaps it is due to the growing voice of the people and the pledges coming from multinational companies, rather than the usual reliance on Government action.  Is cautious optimism replacing feelings of scepticism and apathy?  We certainly hope so.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything over the last eighteen months, it is that when there is global movement towards a common goal, anything can be achieved.  There is a revived momentum and moral obligation to do more to help our planet, both on an individual and collective basis.  Here at Lysaght it is no different, and we want to do our part.  Our Jersey office went paperless earlier this year and we are currently carrying out an audit of our energy usage in the workplace.

“Work Together To Deliver” was a key goal of COP26 and, with that in mind, we are excited to launch our Green Patent Initiative.

Patents drive innovation, but applications often come at a high cost.  That is why we are reducing our professional fees by 20% for any applicant filing a patent that is aimed at tackling climate change*, from now until the end of 2022.  

With a number of our clients joining forces as Principal Partners of COP26,  we know that climate change is high on their strategic agendas.  We want to encourage them and other applicants to invest in their research and share their technology with the world, whether it is in energy conservation, waste management or nuclear fusion reactors.

We want to help you, help the planet.  Get in touch today to find out more.


*defined by WIPO’s IPC “Green Inventory” of Environmentally Sound Technologies, which can be found here.

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