International Trademark Association (INTA) President David Lossignol, and Africa and Middle East Policy Consultant Tat-Tienne Louembe visited partner Organisation OAPI in Cameroon on Monday 04 March 2019. The purpose of this visit was to reach out to members and government officials alike in order to fine-tune the INTA’s relationships with the Ministries of Trade and Mines, the judiciary, academic institutions, and trademark administrators and practitioners.

During the various appointments which took place, Cameroon's brand promotion at an international level was discussed, as well as the means to fight counterfeiting, in order to further promote fair and efficient trade.

The meeting between Mr Tat-Tienne Louembe, OAPI Agents present in Cameroon and some members of the Cameroonian judiciary saw a number of particularly fruitful exchanges.

As an active participant in the meetings that took place, EKEME LYSAGHT can confirm that, in co-ordination with our colleagues and fellow members of the Association of OAPI Agents (AMOAPI), we shall be attending future INTA conferences, and integrating with the various INTA committees to bring our regional expertise to the table, and have meaningful exchanges on topics specific to our environment.