This notice is to provide reassurance to all our clients that Lysaght is able and equipped to continue to operate and deliver services to you in the event of any disruption to our offices either in terms of personnel or geography, as a result of COVID-19 ("the Coronavirus").

First and foremost, there have been no instances of the Coronavirus which have affected us thus far.  Local authorities are extremely vigilant, and our ability to deliver services to our clients is, at present, entirely unimpeded.

As part of our ongoing business continuity procedures, we are able to work from home should the need arise, and so we would just like to reassure you that even in the event of a complete shutdown of access to our physical premises, we would be able to continue to operate and deliver services to you, with a minimum of disruption wherever possible.

We are asking our network of associates that they approach their respective Patent and Trade Mark Offices to ask for understanding and leniency in the light of what has now been classified as a pandemic, with regard to the delivery of original supporting documentation and so on, and are very confident that Patent and Trade Mark Offices will, in light of the potential difficulty in arranging for postal and courier services to deliver original supporting documents on a robust schedule, demonstrate this leniency where appropriate.

Please continue to instruct us and communicate through the e-mail address that you normally use, but we would request that you copy all e-mails to our central address which is

We trust that everyone in your organisation and their family members are safe and in good health, and we wish you all the best during the coming weeks and months.

For more information please contact the author, Sharon Joynt, at