A new Patent, Utility Model and Industrial Design Act will be implemented in Uruguay on 18 January 2000 (see entry dated 16 November 1999 below). As from 18 January 2000, it will no longer be possible to file applications for revalidation of foreign granted patents, and absolute novelty will be required of new applications. Clients with foreign granted patents who wish to extend their patent protection to Uruguay must therefore ensure that applications for revalidation are put on file in Uruguay before 18 January 2000.

An application for revalidation must be based on the first granted patent of a family and must be filed within three years of the date of grant of the first granted patent. In order to obtain a filing date a Spanish translation of the specification of the first granted patent is required. A legalised, certified copy of the first granted patent is also required to complete the documentation for the application, but this can follow within three months of the filing date.

We have experience in the filing of applications for revalidation in Uruguay, and should be pleased to assist clients wishing to file such applications. However, we are prepared to give an undertaking that applications will be put on file before the above deadline only if we receive instructions in this regard before 15 December 1999.