We have recently been informed by our associate in Uruguay that the Uruguayan Patent Office has now initiated examination of patent applications. In order to try and decrease the backlog and thus avoid unnecessary delays in respect of pending applications, an official notice will be issued on each pending application. The official notice will allocate a term of ten (10) days for the Applicant to state continued interest in the application, or whether it is to be abandoned.

However, instead of waiting for the official notice to issue, the Patent Commissioner will accept the filing of a single Writ per Applicant, stating the Applicant’s continued interest to continue prosecution of the cases detailed on a list attached thereto.

This would, to some extent, expedite prosecution, as we would not have to wait for the issue of an official notice in respect of each pending application.

We feel that, at this stage, it would be prudent for all of our clients to undertake an investigation into their pending patent applications in Uruguay and let us know which pending applications are still of interest and which are to lapse.

There is no risk in waiting for the official notice to issue in respect of each pending application, provided we can receive your urgent response thereto when the notice does issue. However, please note that, in the absence of any instructions to the contrary by the deadline set in the official notice, we will respond to the notice to the effect that the captioned application is still of interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if anything is unclear or if you have any questions.