We refer to our article of 13 February 2006.

We have been advised that a procedure has now been established which may allow applicants to expedite the prosecution of their patent applications. Recently, our associate in Uruguay met with the Director of the Uruguayan Patent Office, and it was agreed that the prosecution of applications may be expedited by submitting details of the allowance of any corresponding applications by Patent Offices abroad which relate to the same subject matter of the invention.

Fort this purpose, we would need to file a writ informing the Uruguayan Patent Office of the equivalent patents and indicating that, if necessary, the applicant would be prepared to modify the claims on record so as to conform with those granted abroad.

In any case, the Uruguayan application will be subjected to substantive examination as required by the local legislation, but the results of the examination carried out in other countries will serve to accelerate this procedure.

We would therefore recommend that you send to us the grant details of any patents which have been allowed elsewhere in relation to your inventions, so that we may submit this information to the Patent Office in Uruguay.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.