Taiwan is to introduce a new Trade Mark Law which is due to enter into force on 28 November 2003. The new Law has been introduced as a consequence of Taiwan?s membership of the World Trade Organisation since 1 January 2002 and incorporates many provisions of TRIPS. Among the major changes will be:


  Broader definition of a trade mark, to incorporate sounds & 3-dimensional trade marks

  Protection for famous marks. Registration of trade marks which would dilute the distinctiveness or reputation of a famous mark is not allowed, even for dissimilar goods or services

  Multi-class applications will be possible

  Opposition after registration, with an unextendable term of 2 months from publication

  Abolition of association

  Abolition of defensive marks

  Abolition of substantive examination on renewal and requirement to prove use on renewal

  Registration of certification and collective trade marks will be possible. Further information about the new law in Taiwan will be posted on the website as and when it is received.