The Republic of South Sudan was established on 9 July 2011, following a referendum approving independence from Sudan. Existing Sudanese trade mark registrations ceased to have effect in the new jurisdiction on that date.

Notwithstanding that no formal IP laws have been established, there is a Trade Marks Registry which is a part of the Companies and Business Names Registry. Applications are being accepted, but they have not been processed due to a lack of regulations and procedures; central issues such as official fees and documents required have yet to be determined. The provisions of the Transitional Constitution mean that the Sudanese Trade Marks Act 1969 is being followed until such time as new IP laws are established, but we take the view that until proper procedures and regulations regarding fees are in force, we are unable to file applications.

Furthermore, we understand that the authorities in South Sudan are unable to process patent and design applications, and the status of Sudanese patents and designs is uncertain. However, as Sudanese trade marks are no longer in force in South Sudan, it seems unlikely that Sudanese patents and designs will be held to be valid either.

Further information will be posted on this website as and when it is received.