It has been announced by the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) that large corporate entitles will pay increased official fees for patent and design services, with effect from July 2019.  Also from that date, the South African Patent Office will distinguish between large corporate entitles and small, medium and micro entities (SMME) with regards to the official fees payable.  


As a result, the official fees for large corporate entities will notice a significant increase, whereas those for SMMEs remain largely unchanged. 


In order for a company to qualify as a SMME, it must have fewer than 100 employees (up to 200 in certain industries), a turnover of less than an amount between 4 million ZAR and 50 million ZAR ($281,734 to $3,521,675) depending on the industry, and total gross assets of between 2 million ZAR and 18 million ZAR ($140,867 to $1,267,803) depending on the industry.


SMMEs will need to complete and submit a ‘Declaration of Entity Status Form’ when filing new patent or design applications in order to qualify for the reduced fees, as well as when renewing an existing patent or design. For more information, or if we can assist you with your I.P work in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact us.