The Patents & Trade Marks Registry in Somalia has been closed since 1991 as a result of the civil war and overthrow of the Government, followed by the consequential disruption to the country’s infrastructure. Since that time, it has not been possible to file new applications for patents, designs or trade marks, or to renew patent or design applications or trade mark registrations that existed in 1991.

In the absence of a formal registration system in Somalia, IP owners may rely on the publication of cautionary notices as a means of giving notice to third parties of the proprietorship of their patents, designs or trade marks and to warn against the unauthorised use of these by third parties.  The publication of notices relating to alcoholic drinks, however, is not permirtted.

Lysaght is able to facilitate the publication of cautionary notices in Somalia, and to ensure reach to a wider audience, the notice is published in the local language (Somali) in a printed newspaper (the Mogadishu Times).  In addition to the printed version, the notice will be published in English in an online newspaper.

If you require details of our charges and requirements for publishing a cautionary notice in Somalia, please e-mail us at