The Singapore Patent Law has been amended with effect from 1 July 2004, with the aim of providing a more balanced and efficient system for patent applicants. Changes of particular significance are summarised below.


·         The introduction of new two-track system for examination of patent applications, and changes to the prescribed deadlines;

·         Removal of the requirement to furnish a copy of the priority document(s), unless specifically requested by Registrar;

·         Prompt publication of patent applications after 18 months from earliest priority date;

·         The introduction of more stringent conditions for grant of a patent;

·         The possibility of Patent Term Extension;

·         The possibility of post-grant search and examination;

·         Changes to the enforceability of patent rights;

·         Amendments to the grounds on which a patent can be revoked;

·         An increase in certain of the official fees, and the introduction of further official fees.

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Singapore Patents (Amendment) Rules 2004 (DEAD LINK - please contact