As you may be aware, the new Industrial Property Act, 2014 came into force in the Seychelles on 1st March 2015.  One of the provisions of the new Act is that annuities are payable in respect of the second and each subsequent year from the filing date of a patent application, i.e. on the first and each subsequent anniversary of the effective filing date (which is considered to be the international filing date for PCT national phase applications, the EP(UK) filing date for reregistration applications, and the local filing date for independent national patent applications).  However, to date, we have been awaiting guidance from the Registry as to when these fees became payable and the magnitude of the fees.


We have finally received this long-awaited clarification, and can advise that the Registrar has called for the payment of any fees falling due on or after the date of implementation of the new law (1st March 2015).  Hence, the first fee payable is that which fell/falls due on the next anniversary of the effective filing date occurring after 1st March 2015.  No other back fees are payable. Whilst there is no deadline for paying any accumulated back fees, we would recommend that they be paid as soon as possible so as to regularise your patent cases. 


In view of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to attend to the payment of any annuities which are now due in respect of your Seychelles patent cases.