OAPI’s revised IP Law requires ratification by 12 member states before it can enter into force. Cameroon became the 12th member state to ratify the new law on 14th September 2020.
Whilst official notification from OAPI is still awaited, the new law provides that it will enter into force 2 months after the 12th ratification, namely on 14th November 2020. However, only the provisions of the law relating to geographical indications, copyright, unfair competition and plant varieties will enter into force on that date. The annexes of the new law relating to trade marks, patents and designs will not enter into force until OAPI’s examination and registration procedures have been introduced. Whilst there has been no official indication of when this will be, it is believed that the provisions of the law relating to trade marks will be effective in 2021, and patents in 2022.
Further information will be posted as and when it is known.

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