Since October 2012, annuities have been payable annually, on each anniversary of the effective filing date of a patent application. However, a new industrial property law (No. 23-13) entered into force in Morocco on 15 January 2015 which amends the previous law, andinter alia, this law stipulates that annuities are only payable after the grant of a patent. Nevertheless, an additional change introduced by the amended law is that Letters Patents will not automatically be issued by the Patent Office upon the grant of a patent, and instead the applicant must file a special request and pay a fee for the issuance of this document. Since it appears that grant will occur relatively quickly after the filing of a patent application, but we will not necessarily receive prompt notification of this from the Patent Office, we consider that the most prudent course of action is to continue to instruct annuity payments on each anniversary of the effective filing date (i.e. the international filing date for PCT national phase applications) once an application has been filed in Morocco, and at the time of receiving any such annuity payment instruction, our local associate will then check the official database to ascertain whether a patent has yet been granted for that case and so, whether annuities are yet payable.

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