An agreement has been reached between the European Patent Organisation (EPO) and the government of the Republic of Moldova, which will into force on 1 November 2015.  From that date, it will be possible to validate European patents and European patent applications (including PCT applications containing a designation for a European patent) in the Republic of Moldova.  Once validated in Moldova, these patents will confer the same rights and legal protection as national patents granted there. 


Validation of European patents in the Republic of Moldova will occur upon request by the applicant, and will be deemed to have been requested for any international application filed on or after 1 November 2015.  In order to validate a Euro-PCT application for the Republic of Moldova, a validation fee amounting to EUR 200 must be paid to the EPO within the time limit for performing the acts required for regional phase entry, or within six months from the date of publication of the international search report, whichever is later.  After the expiry of that time limit, the validation fee can still be validly paid within a two-month grace period or during the further processing of the application within two months of notification of a communication of loss of rights under EPC Rule 112(1) following non-payment of the designation fee, together with a 50% surcharge:


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