Amendments to the Trade Mark and Patent Law have been published in the Official Gazette of Jordan No. 4389 dated 1st November, 1999 and are effective as of 1st December, 1999.

The main changes introduced by the new Laws are:-

Trade Marks

·         Service marks in Classes 35 to 42 of the International Classification can now be registered.

·         Duration of Registration is 10 years from the registration date, renewable for 10-year periods. (Trade Marks registered or renewed before the effective date shall be renewed for 10 years when their current term expires).

·         Protection is now recognised for well-known Trade Marks.

·         Trade Marks become vulnerable to cancellation if there has been no use for a period of 3 years.


·         The Patent term has been extended from 16 years to 20 years.

·         Annuities will be payable annually from the 2nd.

·         Pharmaceutical products are now registrable.