Today (29 March 2019) was supposed to be the day on which the United Kingdom was due to leave the European Union, following the result of the 2016 referendum, and the triggering of Article 50 on 29 March 2017.
We are regularly asked what effect Brexit will have on trade marks in the Channel Islands. The answer, at least in the foreseeable future, is none. Jersey will continue to operate a system of re-registration of granted national UK trade marks, and whilst EU trade marks, as well as International Registrations in force in the UK or the EU, will continue to be enforceable automatically.
Guernsey has a substantive trade mark law which has been in force since 2006, and trade mark rights will continue to be obtained in Guernsey independently from other jurisdictions.
The position with patents is unaffected by Brexit. Both Jersey and Guernsey will continue the existing re-registration systems which currently operate in the Bailiwicks.
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