A new Importation Patent Law has been adopted by the Georgian Parliament and has entered into force. In terms of the law it is now possible to revalidate foreign granted patents in Georgia. Salient provisions of the law include the following:

Documentary requirements: Full name and complete postal address of the/each applicant and inventor; specification, claims, abstract and drawings; extract from the register of the foreign country confirming that the relevant foreign patent is in force; power of attorney; and assignment from inventors to applicant.

Time limit for revalidation of a patent: None.

Patent term: The term of an importation patent is the lesser of (i) 20 years from the date of issue in the original foreign country; and (ii) 10 years from the date of filing with Sakpatenti (the Georgian Patent Office).

Miscellaneous: (i) An importation patent may only be granted for an invention patented abroad, examination of which was conducted pursuant to all the criteria of patentability in that country. From this provision it appears that it will not be possible to revalidate patents granted in countries (such as South Africa) which conduct patent examinations only as to formalities. (ii) An importation patent gives the patent owner the exclusive right to use, produce or sell his product, but it does not give him the right to prohibit third parties from importing such product from abroad.