On 15 August 2000 an amended set of GCC Patent Regulations and Implementing Bylaws entered into force. Some important changes were introduced including the following :-

·         Absolute (world-wide) novelty is required - No longer possible to revalidate foreign granted patents.

·         Duration of Patents is now 20 years from date of filing.

·         Annual renewal fees are now payable on pending applications (not just on granted patents).

·         Duplication of patent applications in GCC and in any member state(s) of GCC now permissible.

·         Priority may now be claimed within 12 months from "any previous filing of an application with a national or regional office".

·         Working within 3 years of date of grant (instead of 2 years) is now required.

Should you require any further advice on the implications of the amendments to the Regulations, please do not hesitate to let us know. Please see our contact page for contact details.