New Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Bills are currently being considered by the authorities in Fiji. If passed, the new laws will bring Fiji’s IP regimes into the 21st Century, and will finally replace the long-standing Patents Act 1879, United Kingdom Designs (Protection) Act 1936 and Trade Marks Act 1933. Fiji is also planning to join the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol.


Inter alia, the draft Trade Marks Bill introduces the Nice Classification and the registration of service marks for the first time. There is also provision for multi-class applications, priority claims, certification marks and collective marks. The draft Patents Bill envisages a modern and comprehensive patent registration system, with provisions for local examination of applications, priority claims and annuity payments. Finally, the draft Designs Bill proposes a local registration system which would supersede the current automatic extension of UK designs to cover Fiji.


The new Bills are currently open for public consultation, after which they will be tabled before the Fijian Parliament. It is hoped that the new Bills will become law, and that Fiji will join the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol, during 2021.

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