As previously reported, new Regulations promulgating the new Trade Marks Law in Ethiopia require owners of trade mark registrations filed under the old law, namely before 7 July 2006, to re-register their existing registrations. Previously, the deadline for doing so had been 18 June 2014, although this was subsequently extended to 23 June.

The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) has just announced that the deadline for re-registering trade marks filed under the old law has been extended by a further six months, until 18 December 2014.

Despite the extension of the deadline, we recommend that owners of trade marks registered under the old law who wish to apply for re-registration do so as soon as possible. The EIPO has made it clear that applications for re-registration will not be accepted without the original documents, so we regret that we cannot guarantee being able to re-register any trade marks unless we are instructed well in advance of the new deadline.