A new Industrial Property Law dated 8 May 2000 was published and entered into force in the Dominican Republic on 10 May 2000.

This new law has made changes to the requirements for filing Patents and Trade Marks, including the following :-

Patents:- Absolute novelty of an invention is now required - it is no longer possible to put applications for revalidation of foreign granted patents on file in the Dominican Republic. There are no transitional provisions relating to applications for revalidation, i.e. there is no provision for a transitional period during which proprietors of foreign granted patents may apply for revalidation of their patents.

Trade Marks:- The International Classification of Goods and protection of services has been introduced. A multi-class registration system is now provided for; however, this has not been implemented so, for the time being, separate applications will have to be filed in each class. The term of registration has been amended to 10 years.

Document required: Power of Attorney legalised by a Dominican Republic Consul.
Costs: £510.00 for the 1st class
£150.00 additional classes
Costs exclude costs of local translation and local legalisation of documents.

We expect to receive a copy of the new IP law shortly and would be pleased to answer any questions which you may have regarding its provisions. Please see our contact page for contact details.