By virtue of a Regulation which was introduced on 18 September 2012, the results of substantive examination carried out by another Patent Office ('foreign Patent Office') in respect of a corresponding application filed elsewhere may serve to expedite the grant of a patent in the present case. In order to benefit from this provision, the applicant should, at the time of requesting substantive examination in Colombia, file copies of the decisions that have issued in the corresponding case which were of relevance to the determination of patentability of that case (along with a Spanish translation thereof), a copy of the claims that have been considered patentable by the foreign Patent Office (along with a Spanish translation thereof), a copy of the references cited by the foreign Patent Office, and a table showing the correspondence between the claims allowed by the foreign Patent Office and those pending in the Colombian case (or, if the claims do not correspond, an amendment should be filed along with payment of the corresponding fee).

Should you require further information in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.