According to information recently received, it is now possible to deposit Trade Mark Applications with the Cape Verde Authorities, despite the fact that there is no actual Intellectual Property Law Legislation in place.

We have been advised that the authorities are accepting applications on the basis of the Portuguese Industrial Property Law of 1940. The Decree-Law No. 7/2003 of 7 April 2003 has not yet been approved and implemented but, according to our sources, this is currently underway.

Because of the uncertainty of the current situation, we are somewhat sceptical as to how valid any applications filed under the present arrangement may be, and we would recommend that our clients wait until proper legislation is in place before filing applications. However, we are willing to accept and file any applications at the owner's own risk, if they so wish.

Our charges for filing applications at the present time are as follows:- Trade Mark Application in up to five items of goods or services - GBP 735.00
Each additional group of five items of goods or services - GBP 90.00

The above charges exclude translations and communication disbursements.

A Power of Attorney legalised up to a Cape Verde Embassy is required and MUST be filed with the application. If legalisation cannot be obtained up to a Cape Verde Embassy, legalisation by Apostille will be accepted and further legalisation can be obtained locally at additional cost.

Furthermore, Cape Verde is operating a single-class registration system.