On 23rd January 2017, the European Patent Office (EPO) President and the Cambodian Minister of Industry and Handicraft signed a Validation State Agreement, which Cambodia will tentatively adopt on 1st July 2017, so becoming the first Asian country to recognize European patents in its territory.  The initial term of the agreement is five years.


Once this agreement is in force, it will be possible to obtain patent protection in Cambodia by validating a granted European patent there.  In particular, any European patent applications (including PCT regional phase applications) filed on or after the date of the enforcement of the agreement may be validated in Cambodia.   This validation must be effected by paying the relevant fee within six months from the date on which the European Patent Bulletin mentions the publication of the European search report.  For Euro-PCT applications, the fee will be due at the time of entering of the PCT regional phase before the EPO.   A Khmer translation of the specification must also be filed. 


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