We have just learnt of the issuance on 5 March 2014 of a new Statutory Instrument in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which included a provision to the effect that renewal fees are now payable annually in respect of patent cases in the BVI. Upon seeking further clarification of this new requirement, we have ascertained that an annual renewal fee of US$50 is payable in respect of all pending patent applications and granted patents, which becomes payable once the corresponding UK or EP(UK) patent upon which the BVI patent is based has been renewed at the UK IPO. This requirement applies during the entire remaining term of each BVI patent/application (or until the base UK/EP(UK) patent, and so also the BVI patent, lapses), and whilst there does not appear to be any statutory deadline for the payment of the relevant fees in the BVI, we would recommend that each fee be paid immediately after the corresponding UK renewal fee has been paid. We confirm that no back fees are payable.

We look forward to hearing from you should you require any assistance in the payment of your BVI patent annuities.