The Bosnian Patent Office has recently changed its policy regarding the payment of patent annuities. From now on, annuity fees will become payable on the filing date of a patent application (i.e. in respect of the first year), and annually thereafter. For PCT national phase applications, the first payment will be due on the international filing date. Previously, annuities were only payable in respect of the third and each subsequent year from the filing date.

We would point out that the Bosnian Patent Office has not issued a written statement to support this change of policy. However, in order to comply with the articles and deadlines for payment stipulated in the new Tariff of Official Fees, we would recommend that all annuities are paid in respect of the first and each subsequent year, for all pending patent applications. Back annuities must also be paid in respect of all pending applications (whether or not they were filed before the introduction of the new provisions).

At present, in view of the large number of pending applications in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Patent Office is still permitting the payment of any due annuities in response to an official invitation and without any late fine being payable, just before the grant of a patent occurs (i.e. the grant of a patent cannot occur until all due annuities are paid). Nevertheless, we would recommend that any outstanding annuities be paid as soon as possible, in view of the current uncertainties in this matter and the lack of any official policy statement. Similarly, although there is currently no official deadline for the payment of any future annuities, and notwithstanding the Patent Office’s current policy of allowing these annuities to be paid any time before the grant of a patent, we would recommend that these fees are paid annually, on each anniversary of the filing date.

We would be pleased to assist you in attending to the payment of any outstanding annuities. If you require an indication of the costs involved, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Sara Lloyd of our Annuities Department for further information.