Further to our recently-posted article regarding the above matter, we write by way of an update to confirm that the cited Regulation was published on 29 August 2014 in the Official Gazette, and this notification sets a deadline of 28 November 2014, by which date applicants of all patent applications filed before 1 January 2013 and for which priority has been claimed are required to provide the Patent Office with information on the status of the earliest priority application. As previously noted, failure to provide this information before the above-stated deadline will result in the abandonment of the Argentine application.

Please bear in mind that the Argentine Patent Office has, in the past, issued Regulations which allow applicants to alter the order in which the substantive examination of their patent applications should be performed, by means of an exchange of files. It may therefore be worth considering keeping alive certain patent applications which are eventually to be abandoned, for the sole purpose of using them in a possible future exchange with important applications, if the Argentine Patent Office issues a similar such Regulation in the future.