There are a number of jurisdictions requiring the payment of annual maintenance fees in order to maintain the validity of a trade mark registration.

All registered trade marks in the Cayman Islands are subject to an annual maintenance fee due each January, which is payable in addition to the renewal fees.  Failure to pay an annual fee by 31st March will cause the protected rights to be held in abeyance until such time as the annual fee and penalty fee have been paid.

Annual maintenance fees are due in respect of all Turks & Caicos trade marks on 1st January each year; this requirement includes pending applications, and is in addition to the usual renewal fees. Default in payment of the annual fees for more than one month causes the trade mark rights to be suspended until the fee is paid.

Whilst the Registry in Vanuatu introduced the payment of annual maintenance fees in respect of registered trade marks on 1st March 2020, it has yet to begin requesting the payment of such fees, mainly as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown and a hurricane which passed through Vanuatu in April 2020 and affected much of the country‚Äôs infrastructure.  We understand that fees will be payable on the anniversary of the filing date, with a term of 3 months in which they can be paid, but the Registry is still working out how this will work in practice. Further information will be posted, and clients with Vanuatu trade marks on our records will be notified as soon as these fees become payable.

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