Country: Bahamas

General Information

We file trade marks directly with the registry.

Primary Contacts

Trade Mark Registration and Recordals Dawn Richford
Trade Mark Renewals Julie Ryan
Patent Registration and Recordals Louise Audhlam-Gardiner
Patent Annuities Sara Lloyd

Contentious Matters (Oppositions, Infringement Actions, etc.)

Trade Marks Martin Chinnery
Patents Louise Audhlam-Gardiner

Trade Mark Information

Can services be registered ? No
Single/Multi-Class Jurisdiction Single Class
Is the International Classification
followed ?
No. Applications are filed in accordance with the pre-1938 classification system.
Can Convention priority be claimed Yes
Documentation required to file Power of Attorney, simply signed (one per application)
Opposition period after publication 2 months
Renewal due 14 years from the filing date, and every 14 years thereafter.
Grace Period There is no specified grace period.
Documents required to renew Form TM13, simply signed
Proof of use due N/A
Documents required to file proof of use N/A
Can be struck off for non-use Non-use of the mark for a period of 5 years following registration renders it vulnerable to actions for cancellation on the basis of non-use.

Patent Information

Member of PCT No
Can Convention priority be claimed Yes
Deadline for filing priority document Three months from the filing date
Does the priority document have to be
translated ?
Yes, into English if not already in English
Required Documents Declaration stating the inventor/s consent to the filing of the application;
Form 1 ("Application for Patent"), signed on behalf of the applicant;
Power of Attorney;
Certified copy of Priority Document (if claiming priority)
Duration 16 years from the filing date of the patent application
Annuities Renewal fees are due annually, commencing before expiration of the fourth year from the date of filing

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