Classification International, Nice 9th Edition
Goods and services can be registered
Priority Convention priority can be claimed
Renewal The first renewal fee is payable the day before expiry of the 10th anniversary of the registration date, and then every 10 years thereafter. 
Use provisions


Non-use of a mark for a period of 3 years renders it open to an action for cancellation by third parties.


Types of Patent

Substantive with or without priority;

PCT national phase

Priority Convention priority can be claimed
Duration Patents are granted for a term of 20 years from the effective filing date

Renewal fees are payable annually, beginning with the third year annuity which is payable on the second anniversary of the effective filing date.  Failure to pay renewal fees when due, or within a six month period of grace along with a late fine, will lead to lapse of the patent.


Priority Convention priority can be claimed
Duration Designs are registered for an initial term of 5 years from filing date - this term is extensible for two further 5-year periods upon payment of renewal fees
Renewal Renewal fees are payable, in advance, on the 5th and 10th anniversaries of the filing date