Classification International, Nice 10th Edition
Single class only
Priority Convention priority may be claimed
Renewal Renewal fees are payable every 10 years from the filing date
Use provisions

Non-use of a mark for a period of 5 years from registration renders it open to an action for cancellation by third parties.

Types of Patent

Substantive with or without priority;

PCT national phase

Priority Convention priority may be claimed
Duration 20 years from the effective filing date
Annuities Renewal fees are payable on the second and each subsequent anniversary of the effective filing date, and are payable within three months of that anniversary date.  Failure to pay renewal fees when due, or within a grace period of six months thereafter, will lead to lapse of the patent application or patent.
Priority Convention priority may be claimed
Duration A registered design is valid for a term of protection of 25 years in total, calculated from the filing date, upon payment of the necessary fees.
Renewal Combined quinquennial and renewal fees are payable prior to the end of each five-year term, or within a 180-day period of grace upon payment of an additional fee.