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Classification International, Nice 10th Edition
Single class
Goods and services can be registered
Priority Convention priority cannot be claimed
Renewal 7 years from filing and every 14 years thereafter
Use provisions

Article 22 of the Trade Mark Law stipulates that “without prejudice to the generality of Article 25, any interested party may apply for a judgement to strike off the registered mark on the ground that there has been no real intention to use the mark in respect of the goods for which it was registered, and that it has not been seriously used during two years preceding the application for cancellation”.


“Use” is taken to mean use in normal commercial channels, and need not be extensive to satisfy the use requirement.

Types of Patent Substantive without priority claim
Priority Convention priority cannot be claimed
Duration 16 years from the filing date
Annuities Renewal fees are due on the 4th, 8th and 12th anniversaries of the filing date 
Priority Convention priority cannot be claimed
Duration The registration of an industrial design has an initial term of 5 years from the filing date of the application for registration. This term may be renewed for two further consecutive periods of 5 years through the payment of the prescribed fee. 
Renewal Renewal fees are payable on the 5th and 10th anniversaries of the filing date.