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ClassificationInternational classification;
Goods and services can be registered.
PriorityConvention priority cannot be claimed.  Instead, registrations in Gibraltar are based on granted UK, EU or International trade marks.  However, due to the lack of legislation in place in Gibraltar, rights obtained through the EU or International routes may not be enforceable locally.
RenewalFor registrations based on parent (e.g. UK) trade marks filed after 31st October 1994, renewal fees are payable 10 years after the parent's filing date and every 10 years thereafter.  In order to maintain a trade mark registration in force in Gibraltar, the corresponding parent (e.g. UK) registration must also be maintained.  If the parent registration lapses for any reason whatsoever, then the Gibraltar registration will also lapse.
Cancellation/Use provisionsCancellation of a Trade Mark registered in Gibraltar may be sought by any person aggrieved who alleges that his interests have been prejudiced by the registration.
Types of PatentReregistration of UK or EP(UK) patents.
PriorityConvention priority cannot be claimed.
DurationPatents expire upon expiry of the parent UK/EP(UK) patent.
AnnuitiesNo annuities are payable.



UK registered designs extend automatically to cover Gibraltar.