South Sudan


Lysaght offers a complete service in this country, assisting clients in the filing, registration, recordal and renewal of their trade mark rights. For further information and our prices, please e-mail us with your specific enquiry.



The Republic of South Sudan was established on 9th July 2011, following a referendum approving independence from Sudan. Existing Sudanese trade mark registrations ceased to have effect in the new jurisdiction on that date.


Unfortunately the filing of trade mark applications in South Sudan is not possible, due to there being no trade mark law.  Whilst it was possible to file applications for a short time in 2014, the present Registrar has decreed that it will not be possible to file applications until such time as a trade mark law enters into force. The Registry stopped accepting applications in 2015.


Whist we were advised in 2017 that it would be possible to file applications to “reserve” trade marks, which would effectively give a reserved mark priority when a trade mark law enters in force,  when we tried to reserve a mark, we were advised that the Registrar has changed his mind again and would not allow us to do so.


We therefore regret that the filing applications for registration and filing applications for reservations is not possible at the present time.


  It is not currently possible to obtain patent protection in South Sudan.
  It is not currently possible to obtain design protection in South Sudan.